I’m Justin Lamar

a comedian, artist, and actor

Justin got his start at stand-up on a dare. Sitting in the audience at an open mic at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA, his friend nudged him and challenged him to get up on stage. He rocked the crowd that night with spontaneous material— of course, he went on to bomb the following week, but by then the fire had been lit. Philly’s newest comedy star was born.

The same easy confidence and fine-tuned intuition that had Justin leaping onstage that fateful evening has gone on to define his distinct voice as a captivating storyteller with disarming charm and nuanced insight.

Before comedy, basketball was Justin’s bread and butter. Playing at both the collegiate and professional level might just have something to do with Justin’s ease in the spotlight and light-footedness on the stage. Comedy isn’t all that different from basketball. The only time you’re getting better is when you’re putting in the work. When you’re consistent, dedicated, and work hard off the stage, you’ll be ready when the lights are up. You let your training take over so you can shine no matter the crowd, no matter the venue, no matter the circumstances of any given gig. And that’s where Justin shines— with intuition, skill, and a little bit of magic, he feeds off the natural energy in a room to create something special with every performance..

Throughout his career, Justin has worked historic clubs like the Helium Comedy Club, the Punch Line, and the Stress Factory and shared the stage with legends like Ma